I Ain’t Afraid of No Goats? Personality / IP Rights & Social Media

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Love this linked photo, which appeared on Facebook, from a personality / IP rights perspective… In the foreground, Bill Murray – at a Chicago Cubs pennant race game – wears a t-shirt parodying both a couple old movies (in which he starred) and a new one (in which he had a cameo).

In the background, others appear readily identifiable. Take a look, for example, at the fellow you can see over Mr. Murray’s left shoulder (on our right) in the above-linked photo. He seems somewhat skeptical of the spectacle. Did he think he would see this photo on Facebook? Has he actually seen it there? These days, anyone with a Facebook™ account (including, perhaps, the fellow seen in the linked photo) could tag him(self) in any copies of the photo which might have found their way onto Facebook.

Now, would this seemingly skeptical fellow be happy with this photo? (Did he get a chance to ask for a retake?) Did whoever first uploaded it to Facebook represent they had this fellow’s permission to do so? And, what would happen if he now asked Facebook to take it down?

Layers upon layers. So rich.

Plus, I mean, all that noise aside, the shirt? And, on Bill Murray?


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