Get Your “Patent Pending” with a Provisional US Patent Application

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Many find that provisional US patent applications can provide good value, if used correctly. Such an application secures a priority filing date for an invention, and provides it with “Patent Pending” status.

A provisional US patent application affords 1 year to decide whether, or not, to follow-up by filing any regular patent applications in the various countries and regions of interest. In this way, clients can put off the costs of those regular patent applications, and inexpensively secure a “Patent Pending” priority filing date, while on-boarding investors and otherwise starting to commercialize their technology in the meantime.

It makes sense, should a client be interested, to make sure that – from the start – one properly navigates some of the potential pitfalls which otherwise might be associated with improper use of provisional US patent applications.

(And, of course, HOLBECHE LAW would be happy to help in this respect 😉 )

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